About Us

We at The wandering bean are Flavor Fanatics and want to take your simple basic coffee to the next level by adding some distinctive and delightful flavors to your Cup of Joe, So No more wandering in search of your Perfect Cup of Coffee.

Try our Bespoke Hand-crafted Flavored coffee and get Instant "Nirvana" as you will experience an intricate mix of texture, taste and delightful aromas.

So seize the opportunity for a convenient yet tasty flavored coffee.

It started with a simple idea:

Make Great Coffee!

The same old coffee, day in and day out which got us thinking of ways we could liven up our cup! We began roasting our own Coffee Beans infusing them with extracts from the most delicious ingredients and that's how The Wandering Bean actually began.

We are all about innovation and are constantly creating new flavors, We are here to liven up YOUR cup. A cup of hand crafted coffee should definitely make you happy ! It's that moment in the day to look forward to and Savor.